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Every year, LakePoint invites our church family to join together in a 21-day church wide fast. This year our fast will begin on January 3 and go through January 24. We will be following along with the Daniel Fast Devotional by Nannette Elkins. We want to encourage to begin praying and seeking the Lord as we prepare for this fast. Some things to pray about are:

1. If you will be fasting with us as a church family. If you have any health restrictions, you may want to check with your doctor before starting a fast.
2. If so, the type of fast you will do (we recommend the Daniel Fast) and/or the things you will fast (social media, sugar, caffeine, processed foods etc.)
3. The types of things you will be praying about during your fast (our country, our community, our church, your family, specific/personal prayer requests.)

If you have any questions about the church-wide fast, feel free to call the church office or to speak with one of our pastors. If you’d like to purchase the Daniel Fast Devotional, you can click the link below to purchase on Amazon or you can purchase your book at ConnectPoint for $10 next weekend.

A Church Fasting Guide will be made available in the coming weeks.

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