Children’s Ministry at LakePoint

In the children’s ministry at LakePoint, our hope is that every family finds an exciting, safe and loving place for kids to learn about God’s love. While parents are worshiping in adult services, our goal is to offer every child a place to have fun, to learn about what the Bible teaches and to gain an understanding of what it means to be a part of the family of God. Whether it’s class on Sunday morning, summer camp, swim parties or Vacation Bible School, we hope that the children at LakePoint know that there is a God who creates them and has a big plan for them. We strive to teach them that they learn that Jesus is their forever friend!


This is a class for babies (birth to age two.) Babies will have a safe place to learn about God’s love while their parents are enjoying the adult service.

  • MADISON CAMPUS: Meets in the green room during both services.

  • HARMONY CAMPUS: Meets in the Nursery (orange room) during both services.


For toddlers and preschoolers who will enjoy a safe place to learn about God’s love while parents are attending adult service. Students will participate in a Bible story, enjoy a snack and engage in fun activities. This is a class for children who are potty trained and are ages 2 through Preschool.

  • MADISON CAMPUS: Meets in the Orange room.

  • HARMONY CAMPUS: Meets in the Kidzpoint Annex.

KIDZPOINT (K-5th grades)

This is a class for students Kindergarten through 5th grade. Students will participate in worship, a Bible lesson, small groups and fun activities.

  • MADISON CAMPUS: Meets in the Blue Room during both services.

  • HARMONY CAMPUS: Meets in the Kidzpoint Room behind the Worship Center during both services.

Youth at LakePoint

Our goal for the students at LakePoint is to be enveloped in an understanding of Jesus Christ. We aim to do this in a relevant and biblical way that connects and relates to their lives. We hope to make church a place they desire to be a part of. Students will see what a personal relationship with Christ looks like and how to make their way in this world as a Christian. We want to awaken them to live a life with purpose, which is found through Jesus.


We offer services for students grades 6th– 12th to teach them what it means to have an intimate and personal connection with Jesus Christ that overflows into every aspect of their lives.

  • MADISON CAMPUS – “The Gathering”: Meets on Sunday Mornings during 2nd service. We also offer small groups once a month. To connect and get involved in a youth small group, contact the church office.

  • HARMONY CAMPUS – “Lighthouse”: Meets on Sunday mornings during 2nd service in the BodyPlex building & on Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. for dinner in the main Kidzpoint Room. Worship and service starts at 7:00 p.m.